Trends for
Spring 2022

Whats your favorite color? A color can be your direction for the day.

To be fully ready for Spring 2022, be sure your colors are on point.

The global pandemic put us in a state of despair and what more do we need now is an uplift.

The colors for Spring 2022 will bring just that. I think most people won’t even have to look too far into their closets to find the trending colors for Spring 2022, and I almost guarantee it.

The colors are drum roll, according to Fashionista , electrifying pink, plant color GREEN, calming blue and creamy shades of butter. I would add, sunshine yellow. Yup I just made that up. Again, what’s in your closet will work because if you are like me, even though we had no where to go for about 18 months, we still picked up that one sale item that didn’t match anything; but it just made us feel good. What same feeling we will remember when the time comes to rock it.

So what else is trending, how about midi cut out tops; and guess what hey are going higher and higher. It’s  important that we become more fit than ever but don’t worry, because whats also trending is the feeling to be comfortable in our skin.

Just a few more things, how about the mismatched trench coat? Did you get in on one last year? Like the two toned, two fabric ones, how about the trench worn backwards? Anything goes now. The traditional trench is long gone.

And finally, high heels and platforms may work for some, but most are moving toward flats or kitten heels. Of course those kitten heels are more fashionable than they were before; but since the pandemic, life slowed down and so did our use and desire in footwear. Don’t fret, keep a pair or two of high heels in the closet so when the time comes for that very special occasion, you’re ready.

Finally trending, is being fit. Beside, in all of your getting and preparing for 2022, you  must remember that if we re not well, nothing we wear will wear well on us.