Empowering Women

Wellness As Her Essence

Annual Conference for Women 50+

While this stage in a woman’s life can be exciting and vibrant, it also can be challenging to say the least. This group is vitally concerned about minimizing stress, and the majority of women in this age group are leading stressful lives. When you wrap your arms around the fact that 95 percent of all diseases are related to lifestyle choices, we must realize the power we have in controlling the narrative by seeking information and taking action. In addition to health issues, women may experience a divorce, lose a parent, become empty nesters, long for financial freedom, and the inevitable “the change” menopause. If we don’t know, minimal stress, exercise, nutrition, and relationships are the pillars of healthy living and navigating with ease and finesse through this season is the goal.

Asher Couture

– Dreading the 50+ life and what you “think” comes along with it?
– Underwhelmed by the lack of fashionable athletic wear?
– Older and find yourself struggling with staying active?

Asher Couture empowers women over the age of 50 to embrace and love their age while also focusing on physical health and wellness – stylishly.

Through programs, tips/tools, resources, and fashion-forward apparel, we offer long-lasting solutions that enable women to boost their self confidence, style, and bypass chronic or ongoing health conditions by living a healthy lifestyle.

Crown Asher

The Crown Asher program is designed to inspire, empower, and give hope and confidence to women who are dealing with the emotional and physical side-effects of extreme hair loss from illness. This program will take women on a transformative journey from receiving a custom-made wig, beauty makeover, and confidence photoshoot. When you look good…you feel good. We want to help women shift their mindset to one of positivity and confidence – one transformation at a time.