Proper Wardrobe
for Traveling

Planning to take off for the holidays be sure you don’t leave home without the proper wardrobe for traveling particularly if you are flying.

Always check the weather two-five days before you take off. This ensures that you pack the proper clothing attire.

I often carry a tote bag and a carry-on bag especially for the shorter weekend trips.

I also may choose to pack an extra bag, in case I bring back additional items such as gifts or I see that one item I can’t pass up or a must have clothing deal I lay my eyes on.

Look to travel in comfortable clothing such as warm up or athletic gear with sneakers or flats or other casual wear..

I normally bring a sweater in case it gets chilly on the plane.  Oh and don’t forget your mask.

Be particular in what you are wearing to reflect where you are going. What I mean by this is if you are vacationing, wear clothes that are fun and if you are traveling on business, be conservative especially if you are going directly from the plane to the business meeting. I suggest that your attire comes from the bedroom closet but not be a use for the bedroom. If you get my point.

Whether traveling for work or play, try to pack things that are washable and can be pulled right out of the suitcase and ready to be worn. Do not go and buy new things, try and work with what you already have for budget purposes. I am all about saving the coins also. Get your toiletries and make sure all liquids meet the maximum levels for carry on or have your luggage checked.

Whether staying in a hotel or at an air BNB, whether clothes are wrinkle free or not, be sure to hang up or remove clothing from suitcase and organize them on hangers or in drawers. There’s alway a hustle and bustle when traveling and one less thing we need to worry about is our clothing. Be intentional and pack transitional pieces. This is one case where less is best. Oh and place dryer sheets in your suitcase for a fresh breeze.

Finally, once you remove your clothing, place them in a bag, normally supplied by the hotel or bring your own, and keep them separate and if possible wash them before returning back home.